Brakes, How do they wear differently? - Newcastle Under LymeBrakes, How do they wear differently?

How do brakes wear differently? Rytec Vehicle Repairs explains....

Different driving patterns have a dramatic effect on how often your brakes need servicing. For example, a set of brake pads could last up to 60,000 miles or more on a car driven mostly on the motorway, may last only 25,000 or 30,000 miles or less on the same vehicle driven in busy stop/start traffic.

Front brakes normally wear out before rear brakes because they handle a higher percentage of the braking load, especially on front-wheel drive cars. It is often recommended that brake pads should be replaced if the pad friction material has worn down to a thickness of 3 millimeters.

Rytec Vehicle Repairs also recommends that brake discs or drums are replaced in axle sets. Replacing one brake disc or drum could cause an imbalance in braking performance that could lead to further premature wear.