Brake Fluid Replacement - Newcastle Under LymeBrake Fluid Replacement

Does your brake fluid need replacing, Let Rytec Vehicle Repairs replace it for you.

Brake fluid has hygroscopic properties - meaning that it absorbs moisture during its life in your car through the pipes, hoses and joints that it lubricates. As the water content in the brake fluid increases, the temperature the liquid boils at decreases from when the brake fluid is ‘dry’ (ie no water content when new) to when it is ‘wet’ (contaminated with water).

The boiling point can be significantly reduced by water contamination below 5%.

Whilst regular servicing will check the boiling point of your brake fluid, vehicle manufacturers recommend that you change your brake fluid a maximum of every 2 years if not advised to before. Changing brake fluid when recommended prevents brake failure and maintains the boiling point at a safe level.

Rytec Vehicle Repairs will happily replace your wet brake fluid with nice dry DOT 4 Fluid and bleed your brakes to ensure a nice firm brake pedal.